How much do you charge?

I charge $30 per hour with completely free consultations. We can discuss goals, the amount of time your project may take, and your total budget.

What do you need from me? I don't know where to start.

No worries! Leave it all to me (almost). Some people know only a little, and some people know a lot, but it's okay!! We will stay in contact the entire process, and I will be available to answer any questions.

Why do you not find people that are still alive?

Simply put, a genealogist is not a private detective. Respecting the privacy of living people is vital when researching someone's tree. Only bare minimum information is included for living people.

How many generations back will you be able to go?

This is dependent on the individual family, and there's really no way to know until we start. While going far back is always great, maintaining accuracy always takes priority.

Two women in 1860’s long dresses sitting
Two women in 1860’s long dresses sitting